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About Us

Deeper Life Bible Church is an organization committed to serve God’s Name. As an organization united under God’s promises, we have been standing strong since 1973. Deeper Life Bible Church was founded by Pastor W.F. Kumuyi. Since then, our organization opened its doors to people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.

Who are we?

We are God’s People;
Filled with God’s presence,
Formed for God’s purpose,
Featured in God’s plan,
Freshened by God’s purity,
Funded by God’s purse,
Fixed on God’s principle, and
Functioning in God’s power.

To reach unconverted, unconvinced, and uncommitted people in the community is our goal. We aim to bring these kinds of people closer to God and let them experience the love and mercy He offers to everyone. Without any hesitations and compromise, we serve the Lord by preaching His words and follow His ways. All these can be achieved through His power and through our own:

Men’s Ministry
Women Ministry
Young Adult Ministry
Youth Ministry
Children Ministry and
Music Ministry

Age, gender, and social background do not separate you from God. Through joining any of our ministries, you will feel God through the words He has sent us. Join us today and glorify His name!

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