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Men’s Ministry
If you read the Bible over, you will be able to see how God has trusted men repeatedly across time. Men were selected by God to become natural leaders of families, societies, churches, businesses, and nations. Continue the legacy of God’s promises by making the world a better place to live in. Join us today!

Women’s Ministry
Women all around the world are loved by God equally. He did not ignore the capabilities of women. Through women, life was made and it was well-taken care of. But as time passed by, women assumed better roles in society and also became providers towards their families and communities. God protects women and made them to let this world feel warmer with love and compassion. It’s time to show real “girl power” through God’s grace and mercy. Join us today!

Deeper Life Young Adults
Life gets tougher as you age. For young adults, responsibilities with regards to family, career, and relationships may be burdensome. There might be times that they do not know where to go or what to do. But God never leaves the troubled and the confused. Through joining DL Young Adults, you will see life through colorful lenses. Join us today and deal with life’s consequences with God’s words as your mighty weapons!

DL Youths
The youth plays a vital role in society. With their growing number, they can affect decisions in the community or society. However, growing up can be a hard challenge for most of them. God values young people and wants them to grow as good Christians who can serve and love the Lord. Serve the Lord and the people today by joining Deeper Life Youth!

DL Kids
At a certain point in time, we were innocent children. We did not know what life would bring us and how God’s presence is important to us. Let the children know about the Lord and His miracles. Let them know how blessed they are to be breathing and living in this beautiful paradise He has created. Let them join Deeper Life Kids today!

Music Ministry
Sing praises to God! Glorify His name through the sounds of your musical instruments. Pour in your passion for music the way your heart wants to pour in to God! Let God speak through the music you bring. Join us today!

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